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920-831-4323Phone: Email:

Appleton Main Campus (D105)Location:

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The science department serves several programs at FVTC with a variety of science courses in anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology and physics. Contact Department Chair Henry Merrill at 920-831-4323 for more information.

Instructor-Science 920-831-5419 Email_Me
InstrlAide II-Science 920-735-4745 Email_Me
Instructor-NaturalScience 920-831-4330 Email_Me
Instructor-Science(Biology) 920-225-5910 Email_Me
Dept Chair-Science 920-831-4323 Email_Me
Instructor-Science(Chemistry) 920-225-5911 Email_Me
Instructor-Science 920-735-5619 Email_Me
Instructor-ABE&GenEd Science 920-735-5683 Email_Me
Instructor-Science/Microbiolog 920-831-4394 Email_Me
Instructor-SciencePhysics&Chem 920-993-5298 Email_Me
Instructor-Chemistry 920-993-5297 Email_Me