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Our Oshkosh campuses serve customers in the southern end of the district, as well as providing the aviation and wood manufacturing programs at our S.J. Spanbauer Center. Visit the S.J. Spanbauer Center website with this link.

TechOpsSpec-OshCampus 920-236-6121 Email_Me
Enrollment Facilitator 920-236-6102 Email_Me
Director-Oshkosh Campus 920-236-6100 Email_Me
AdminAsst V-OshCampus 920-236-6110 Email_Me
Enrollment Facilitator 920-236-6122 Email_Me
SptSpec I-GenStudies 920-236-6142 Email_Me
Enrollment Facilitator 920-236-6119 Email_Me
Test Center Assistant-Oshkosh 920-236-6130 Email_Me