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Instructional Development & Delivery (IDD) offers services in curriculum development, delivery and creations as well as faculty support in the Faculty Resource Center (FRC)

MultimediaSpec 920-735-4845 Email_Me
Tech VII-Flexible Learning 920-735-4894 Email_Me
Tech III-Learning Resource Ctr 920-735-5616 Email_Me
MultimediaSpec 920-735-4774 Email_Me
Tech III-Crclm/Assmt 920-735-5625 Email_Me
Tech VI-Flexible Learning 920-735-2511 Email_Me
InstructionalDesigner-IDD 920-735-4760 Email_Me
Tech IV-Crclm/Assmt 920-735-2564 Email_Me
Tech V-Flexible Learning 920-735-4806 Email_Me
Tech VI-Crclm/Assmt 920-735-5615 Email_Me
Tech IV - LearningResourceCtr 920-735-5640 Email_Me
AssocDean-IT&DistanceEducation 920-831-4366 Email_Me