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Through a competency-based format, the Social Sciences team provides students with a greater understanding and effective application of skills necessary for personal, professional, and civic achievement.

Instructor-Social Science 920-831-4340 Email_Me
Instructor - Social Science 920-831-4378 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Science 920-831-4390 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Science/Econ 920-993-5239 Email_Me
Dept Chair-Social Science 920-996-2876 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Studies 920-831-5474 Email_Me
Instructor - Social Science 920-831-5472 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Science 920-735-4764 Email_Me
Inst-ABE/SocialStudies/ProgPrp 920-735-4752 Email_Me
Instructor - Sociology 920-735-4801 Email_Me
Instructor - Social Science 920-735-2494 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Science 920-993-5256 Email_Me
Instructor-Economics 920-735-2598 Email_Me
Instructor-SocialStudies 920-831-5409 Email_Me
Instructor-SocScience-Sociolog 920-996-2987 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Science 920-831-5438 Email_Me
Instructor-Social Science 920-996-2920 Email_Me
Instructor-SocScience/Sociolog 920-996-2817 Email_Me