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Student Copying and Printing 

Allowances and Pricing

For each term in which you are enrolled in classes, you will be provided an allowance of $25 to be used for course-related printing and copying.  This is not a charge to you but merely an allowance.  You will only owe money if you choose to print or copy in excess of your allowance. 

The allowance will be established on August 1 for the fall term, January 1 for the spring term, and June 1 for the summer term. If you register after those dates, your allowance will be added at the time of your registration.  The table below shows the rates at which printing and copying will be charged. The last column shows how many pages could be printed or copied with your $25 allowance.

 Cost Per Page   
8 1/2 x 11 Page
      11 x 17      
Number of 8 1/2 x 11
Pages Covered by
$25 Allowance
 Black & White   
 $.07 $.09 $.10 357
 Color $.17 $.19 $.20 147

Each time you print or copy, you will see information related to the cost of the job you are submitting as well as your remaining balance. When your $25 allowance is exhausted, you must pay for any additional printing and copying that you would like to do. Additional balance may be added to your account via PayPal by logging into with your FVTC ID and Password and selecting "Add Credit."  You may also add credit by going to any Enrollment Services office. 

If you have a positive allowance remaining in your account at the end of the semester, it will not roll forward to the subsequent semester, nor will it be refunded to you.  If you have added additional credit, it will remain in your account until it is uses.  This credit will not be reset after the current term and will roll forward to subsequent semesters.  Allowances may not be transferred from one student to another.  

If you are not an active student in any given term, you will not be given a print allowance for the term. Guests may print and copy in the library at the Appleton campus but you will have to pay cash at the rates listed above in order to do so.


To print: If you are logged into the FVTC network using your student ID, the print management system will know who you are. When you try to print you will receive a popup that shows the cost of the job you are submitting as well as your remaining balance.

If you try to print while logged in to the network as student@fvtc, you will first need to enter your student ID and network password. Then you will see the cost of the job and your balance.

To make copies: Each copy machine in the College has a sticker on it which lists the instructions you will need to follow.

To pay for additional balance: You should see the following icon in the system tray (group of icons in the low
er right corner of your desktop).  The icon will look as follows:


If you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see your current printing balance. If you click on the icon, it will open the following window:


Click on the “Details” link inside this window and log in using your network ID and password. Click on the “Add Credit” link and follow the instructions.  All major credit cards are accepted. 

Please note: If you add credit to your account through this process, that amount will carry forward from one semester to another. The original $25 printing allowance does not roll over and will not carry forward from one semester to the next.

If You Feel Your Allowance is Inadequate

If you are concerned about the adequacy of your allowance because of the amount of printing that is required for your courses, please contact Enrollment Services. Enrollment Services will work with the appropriate College personnel to research the situation and explore options.

Who to Contact

There will be instructions posted on each multi-function printer for both copying procedures and general support questions. FVTC staff in the labs, library and Enrollment Services will also be happy to assist you.

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