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Student Printing Account Help 

Tips for Printing on Campus Computers

  • Only currently enrolled students may print on campus.
  • Students are given a $25 allowance per semester to use.
  • If you are not a student, you can visit the Appleton library (G113) to pay for your prints.
  • If you are using the regular "student" ID and password, you'll be required to log in with your student ID and password.
  • NOTE-- If prompted for a user name and password when you attempt to print, log in with ONLY your ID number... DO NOT include the "" when you log in.

Reset Your Student Password

  1. From, click MyFVTC.

    MyFVTC Password reset image

  2. Click Reset Your MyFVTC Password.
  3. Enter the code (lower case – no space between letters) you see displayed and then click Verify Code.
  4. Verify that the Student button is selected.
  5. Validate Identity - Enter your Student ID number.
  6. Enter your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) and click Next.
  7. Enter your new password in the Password and Confirm Password fields.
  8. Enter your Reminder Question and Reminder Answer if required.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Click OK.

Any questions or problems with Password Reset
can be directed to our Help Desk at (920) 735-5644.

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