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Fox Times Article Submission Guidelines
Revised 01/25/13

  • Please send any submissions to
  • The deadline for submissions is the 15th of each month.  The Fox Times fills fast, so it is a good idea to notify the Fox Times as early as possible if your club is planning to submit an article or advertisement in order to reserve a spot!
  • The Fox Times will give all articles, positions, opinions and writers equal attention.
  • Cite your sources for articles and photos as necessary.
  • Submit pictures or graphics as separate files from your text.
  • Include a title for your article. The title should not only gain the readers’ attention, but also describe what the article is about (Something like “Knitting Club Update” is not as descriptive a title as “FVTC Knitters Finish Record Breaking Afghan”).
  • Always include a byline – please do not assume that because you sent the email we will know that you wrote the article. Display the author’s name, as well as the name of the club or program that the author represents, just below the title of the article – not at the end of the article.
  • Please, only one article per club per issue.
  • All articles will be edited for grammar and length, when necessary, by the Fox Times editorial board and/or staff advisor. Corrected articles will be emailed to the writer. If no response is received within 3 business days, the Fox Times cannot guarantee its printing in the next issue.
  • The Fox Times reserves the right to refuse or edit any submitted material at its discretion. Submissions considered fraudulent, misleading, offensive, libelous, or detrimental to the newspaper, its advertisers or the public may be refused.
  • Attacking other students or staff will not be accepted unless the reference to others is removed. The opinion of whether the article is an attack on others or will be printed will rest with the Fox Times Editorial Staff.

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