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Locker Usage Policy 

The cost of a locker rental is $10.00 per academic year. The academic year runs from June 1 to May 31. After December 31, you may rent a locker for the spring semester for only $5.00.
  1. No more than two people may share a locker.
  2. A student ID card is required to rent a locker
  3. Once a locker has been rented, there are no refunds.
  4. Once a locker has been assigned, it cannot be changed. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Student Life staff.
  5. If two people share the locker space, they should be respectful of each other and share the space equally.
  6. Students may choose the locker location, based on availability. Staff will be happy to suggest an area close to academic programs.
  7. The Student Life Center will not disclose the locker combination to anyone except the student who rented the locker.
  8. The locker should only be used by the person or persons renting it.
  9. The rental period expires on May 31. Locker items should be removed by that date. Any items not claimed by August 1st will be donated to charity.
  10. Locker rental fees are non-refundable.

Lockers are available for students of a student club through the Student Life Center on the Appleton Campus, Student Services Office at the Riverside campus in Oshkosh, or the SJ Spanbauer Center in Oshkosh. The rental period is for the academic school year (June through May). To rent a locker, a student must have a current student photo I.D. card. Requests by individuals with disabilities for modified lockers will be met whenever and wherever possible. Students are not required to rent a locker, but those who do must agree to the following policy:

Students are to maintain their lockers in proper working order. Students will not write on the interior or exterior of the locker. Any materials displayed in or on lockers must be in good taste to reflect the professional image of the college. The locker is to be used for storage of books, and educational resources utilized in the academic learning environment as well as a limited number of personal items needed for day to day class attendance. Any violation of the above may be cause for removal from the locker and revocation of all subsequent locker privileges.

FVTC lockers are subject to periodic general inspection by authorized FVTC staff. Items not removed from lockers by May 31 of the current academic year will be stored until August 1 of the year rented. After August 1, these items will be donated to charity.

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