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Consortium Agreement 

If the student is taking courses for one program at two separate colleges, the college the student receives the degree from is the college (home school) that will process the financial aid. Most colleges will require a Consortium Agreement form to consider the credits being taken at another school (visiting school).  This option is strictly for financial aid purposes and not related to transfer of credits.

Tuition and book charges are the student's responsibility at the visiting school; the visiting school's fee due dates will apply.   If approved, the student will need to wait for his/her financial aid to disburse to reimburse for the fees paid at the visiting school. 

FVTC requires the Consortium Agreement form to be completed for each term that a student takes courses  at a visiting school.  The courses must be listed under the program's required course listing in order to qualify.

Consortium Agreement Forms

**Please note: If enrolled in a "SHARED" program, the visiting school will automatically send enrollment information; therefore, it is not necessary to fill out a consortium agreement.

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