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Meeting Requirements 

Frequency of Meetings

Fox Valley Technical College requires advisory committees to meet at least twice per year; however more meetings may be required to support the level of change or development occurring at a particular time.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda lists all items of business and is prepared by the committee chairperson and educational representative. The agenda should contain enough information to convey what is expected at the meeting and mailed to members at least one week in advance of the meeting as well as to the office of the College's Vice President and Chief Academic Officer.

Suggested Agenda Topics

When developing the agenda, the committee chair and educational representative may want to include one or more of the following topics listed here.

Public Notice of Meeting

Per Wisconsin statute, all meeting agendas must be made public informing the press of the date, time, and place of the meeting at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The Public Notice of Meeting form must be completed and sent electronically with the meeting agenda to AdvisoryAdmin at least three days prior to the meeting date. The Public Notice of Meeting form is available under the Daily News>Admin/Services>Instructional Services Administration>Advisory Committee Meeting Templates and is also linked here:  Public Meeting Notice.

If a scheduled meeting is canceled, it is necessary to notify Mary Hrubes so that she may send a cancellation notification to the media.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting are recorded by a representative of the College. The meeting minutes include:

  • names of chairperson and recorder
  • names and business affiliations of members attending and absent
  • names of College staff and guests attending
  • date and place of meeting
  • summary of reports and correspondence
  • summary of discussions
  • actions and recommendations
  • date and place of next meeting

All minutes are to be filed in the office of the College's Vice President and Chief Academic Officer for internal programmatic review and public review upon request.

Minutes are expected to be completed within three weeks of the meeting and by that time, filed with the office of the College's Vice President and Chief Academic Officer and posted on the College's electronic bulletin board.

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