Office 365 Sign In 

This page is for FVTC email accounts that have been moved to the Office 365 email system.

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Sign In to your Email

How to get to your FVTC email:
  1. Click the Office 365 logo above (This will open a new window).

  2. Type your " User Name" in the text box.
    This is -- you WILL NEED to use ""

    • STUDENTS : Your user name is your nine-digit student ID number.
    • STAFF:  Your user name is your regular staff log-in.

  3. Type your password.

  4. Click the Sign In button.

Log on, access or password issues can be directed to
or at (920) 735-5644.

Security Tips
  • DO NOT check 'Keep my signed in' if prompted.
  • To exit email click the ‘Sign out’ button located when you click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and a drop down menu will appear.  Then, close your browser. Failure to sign out may allow other people to use your email account without having to know your user name or password.

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   Brent Schuettpelz

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