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Course Curriculum Development 

At Fox Valley Technical College Center for Instructional Development & Delivery, you will find the most dedicated staff providing the best curriculum services in the State of Wisconsin. There you will find Shana Farrell, Liz Jones, Bev Kelley, and Marie Goffard ready and willing to help you with all your curriculum needs, including DACUM and help with developing and revising or searching existing courses and programs. To access the WIDS Foundation homepage, click WIDS

For assistance and approval with WIDS course development, contact Kaye Krueger, College Effectiveness Manager, located in Room A104. NOTE: Effective July 2013, all curriculum development uses WIDS2WEB software. This software allows you to access the WIDS files from any computer. For training opportunities, check the schedule in Training and Development:

In addition, the Blackboard Support Team is housed in E133. If you need assistance with developing your Bb course, contact Liz Jones, and for technical support, contact Vicki Sahr, and Amy Schiedermayer.

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