Go Teach (Instructional Strategies) 

Go Teach

You've assembled all the ingredients to teach your class, now let's get cooking!

Active Learning

Active Learning Definition

Active Learning Activities

NOTE:  Consider before you print. The following documents are compilations from many difference resources and are very long.

  • The Reflection and Collaboration comprehensive collection contains over 100 active learning and formative assessment techniques that challenge students to reflect and/or collaborate.
  • The Energizers collection contains classroom energizers to stimulate active learning and classroom community.
  • The First Week Activities collection is full of activities that instructors can use during the first few days of class to create connections and build community.

Learners - Student Learning

Learning Retention
Motivating Students

Learning Environment

Classroom Management/Civility

Disability/Special Needs

Learning Tools

Library Services
Learning Objects



Khan Academy

Teaching Techniques

Critical Thinking
Leading Strong Discussions

Engaging Students

Instructor Wellness

Deal with Stress

Time Management


Teacher Resilience
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