Getting Paid (eAFTAs and Instructional Pay Forms) 

Getting Paid

The page will help answer your questions about accepting (or declining) a teaching agreement and accessing your pay records.

Accepting or Declining Your Adjunct Faculty Teaching Agreement (video)

When you agree to a teaching assignment at Fox Valley Technical College, you accept an Adjunct Faculty Teaching Agreement (eAFTA).  This agreement is handled electronically.  This short video walks you through the process.  The video requires Adobe Flash Player 8.0.0 or higher.  Click Adobe Flash Player to begin the download and follow the prompts provided by Adobe.

Adjunct Faculty Quick Guide to MyFVTC and Email (PDF)

This Quick Guide will show you how to logon to MyFVTC and accept or decline an Adjunct Faculty Teaching Agreement (eAFTA).

Instructional Pay Form (MS Word)

When you substitute for another instructor, reduce your hours, or add hours, you will need to complete the Instructional Pay Form.  To access the form template, open MS Word, choose File, then New, then My Templates.  Scroll through the list of templates to locate Instructional Pay Form.  Select the form and click OK.  You must be connected to your FVTC network account on a district-owned computer to be able to access the form. 

Entering Time Worked for Extra Pay for Adjunct Faulty  (PDF)  or   (Video)

View Your Paycheck (PDF)

These quick instructions will show you how to view your paycheck online.  Your paycheck will be available online 24/7 for viewing and printing.

View Payroll Schedules

The bi-weekly and semi-monthly payroll schedules can be viewed by clicking on this link:  Payroll Schedules.

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