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The Fox Times is the official student publication of Fox Valley Technical College, and is staffed by students who write, contribute photography, and do the layout design.

The purpose of the Fox Times is to put out a high quality, student focused publication at least one time per month. The main goal for the Fox Times staff is to inform students. The staff will do this by:
  • Educating students about issues on campus and that concern college students.
  • Informing of events on campus and the results of those events.
  • Allowing students to voice their opinions.
  • Interviewing people in the campus community and providing human interest stories.
  • Including articles related to career paths, and other information that may help a student as they are training for their career.

   Download the Current Fox Times Issue: March 2014 Fox Times Edition (PDF, 2.89 MB)

Please be aware this PDF document is an entire Fox Times issue. The size of the download is 2.89 MB; which may take some time to download over a slower internet connection.

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