Bulletin Board Policy - Appleton Campus 


Bulletin boards on the Appleton campus are used to effectively promote college student and staff events. There are two bulletin boards to promote events in the community that are not associated with the college. Requests to post community events must go through the approval process.


The following policy and guidelines apply to the following areas on campus:
  1. Bulletin Board locations
Prohibited areas where promotional information may not be posted include windows, doors, glass, lockers, painted walls, restrooms, elevators, classroom bulletin boards, and vehicles.


College events that are sponsored by student organizations or internal departments may post information without prior approval. All posters and flyers promoting community events must be approved by Student Life before being posted. If approved, the posters and flyers will be stamped and the sponsor will post.

General Guidelines for all Posted Items:

All student organizations and departments within the College may publicize their event using campus bulletin boards.

Items must not exceed 11 x 17 inches.

Sponsoring name of the organizations must be visible on a poster or flyer.

No glue, staples or tape may be used to hang the item on the bulletin board.

One poster or flyer per event may be placed on each bulletin board.

Items placed on top of another posting will be taken down and discarded.

Information promoting alcohol, illegal drugs, religion or a specific political party may not be posted.

Items that contain foul, vulgar, or libel statements and/or pictures will be removed.

Item may be posted up to 2 weeks prior to an event.

Community postings must receive approval and stamp or they will be removed and disposed of.

Departmental and community events will be posted by the sponsor of the event.

An exception to the general guidelines will be made at the discretion of Student Life. Examples of this would be, but not limited to:
  • An item with several dates printed on it could be posted longer than two weeks.
  • Ongoing services or events can be posted as long as applicable.
  • Vital student information can be posted as long as necessary.


Bulletin boards are updated at a minimum of every 2 weeks. Any outdated materials will be removed at that time.

If the guidelines are not adhered to, the posting will be taken down and discarded.
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