Organization of Advisory Committees 

Advisory Committee Size

The following are suggested guidelines for determining advisory committee size:

  • Occupational Program      
  •  Apprenticeship
Determined by the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards
  •  Regional
  •  Ad Hoc

Advisory Committee Representation

Every effort is made to ensure that advisory committees are representative of the various areas of the district and reflect the diverse make-up of the populations served by FVTC. FVTC encourages and expects diversity on advisory committees.  Each committee should review the membership and actively pursue diverse members -- diversification of age, race, gender, color, national origin, religion, or disability.  Occupational program advisory committees should also include equal representation of employees and employee supervisors or owners in the target job(s) of the program and be representative of geographic location.

Qualifications of Members

Essential criteria for selection of individuals to serve on Fox Valley Technical College advisory committees are:

  • Experience – Members have successful, firsthand experience in the committee’s area of focus, and the respect and confidence of their associates.

  • Adequate time – Advisory committees meet at least twice annually, and sometimes more frequently for special events or projects.

  • Character – Members of advisory committees are appointed at the recommendation of their colleagues. They typically exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and civic-mindedness.

  • Commitment – Members represent a specific occupation as well as their company. Regular attendance and active participation in meetings is very important.

Appointment Process

Advisory committee members are selected from names submitted by district board members, administrators, current advisory members, program staff, and professional and community organizations. Members are officially appointed to advisory committees by the college’s Chief Academic Officer.

Term of Membership

Members of advisory committees are generally appointed to three-year terms on a staggering basis to insure continuity within the committee. A member may be appointed to a consecutive three-year term. Terms end on June 30 and new terms begin on July 1 of each year.

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