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Student Jobs 

Work options to help pay for college

Learn more about job openings with area employers and FVTC. These opportunities can not only help you pay for college, they can also provide valuable work experience in your area of study.

Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study is a form of financial aid that provides part-time jobs for degree-seeking students with financial need, so you can earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to your studies.


Internships are a valuable way to get practical work experience in your field of study. Many internships are paid.

Student Ambassadors

Be an FVTC Student Ambassador! You’ll get paid, have fun and meet new people as you connect with prospective and new students.

Student Employment Services

FVTC's Student Employment Services office provides students and graduates with private-sector employment assistance. Openings are local, typically match the skills that you develop in your program, and can be full- or part-time.