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Most Asked Question:

Q: Will the FVTC Library still be here in the Fall of 2014?
A: Yes! It will be in the same area as before, but part of the Information Commons in the new Student Success Center. You can open this [PDF] file to see the floor plan: Library Help Desk Location.

Student Success Center

More information:

Films on Demand Access

  • Q: I can't open up the Films on Demand link in Blackboard. What can I do?
 First open the Films On Demand* link ( if you are off campus - use our library proxy login to get permission set up),  before using a link provided for a particular Title or Segment.

If that does not smooth your access,  then these are the most common fixes:

Teacher side:
  • Content not added as URL content in Blackboard.
  • Not using most current permanent link provided below the FOD video
    (so URL lacks proxy-prefix url: at beginning of URL, sending user to FOD login instead of Library Proxy login)
    Example: Researching, Reading, and Writing (12:00)
    Correct URL:
  • Video has not been set to automatically "Open in New Window"
Student Side:
  • User didn't put after their Student-ID-Number/Staff-ID when logging into Library proxy to access FVTC Paid Subscription Databases
  • If all that is working, and the student is enrolled in your class, Student may need to create/reset their MyFVTC password. They go to MyFVTC and select "Reset Your MyFVTC Password" link to reactivate/reset password.
  • Try adding
    to the URL the teacher provided. Look in "Properties" to find URL: select linked text, press right side button on mouse, select properties

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Web Access

A: Access Key:
* Databases marked with * indicate they are for FVTC students, faculty, staff and affiliates only.
To access FVTC Library databases from off-campus through the Library proxy:
Students: Username is your MyFVTC (EX: )
                 Password is your MyFVTC password.
Staff: Username is your network (EX:
          Password is your network password.

[W] Wisconsin Access (Through Wisconsin IP address or BadgerLink* or WI Library Card)

  • Anyone can access these resources on the internet.

A: Search using the box next to [Quick Links]. An alternative is to search using Google or Yahoo! and limit to

A: To access FVTC Library databases from off-campus through the Library proxy:
Students: Username is your MyFVTC (EX: )
                 Password is your MyFVTC password.
Staff: Username is your network (EX:
          Password is your network password.

A: To search ALL of our collections (paper and electronic)

Search All FVTC Databases:

Search Everything

Search Everything - Mobile

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Resources at the Library

A: You will find Books, Educational DVDs, Books on Audio CD, and periodicals such as newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. You can search for popular books and movies by limiting to the SGA Collection provided by the Student Government Association (SGA)

The Reserve Collection is mostly textbooks that teachers have provided for in-library-use only. Other items that may be on reserve include microscopes, slides, models and DVD's.

Special Collections are items for in-library use only. Ask at the front desk for assistance.

A: Group Study Rooms are available for use at the Appleton campus library. Rooms are equipped with an audio visual machine and/or mobile computer to allow group viewing of DVDs, as well as group discussion. Please sign in before entering room, sign-up sheets are attached to room doors. A maximum of 2 hours/day can be reserved per student. If you are 15 minutes late, the reservation is considered canceled. Unoccupied rooms are considered available to others (even if your stuff is in there.) Please keep in mind, these rooms are not soundproof. These rooms are primarily for group study so if a group requests a room and you are alone in the room you may be asked to leave.

A: IPads for in-library-use
The FVTC Library is pleased to offer iPads for your research and personal needs. IPads can be checked out for free for 'in library use only' for 2 hours at a time by students with an FVTC photo ID. IPads come with many apps pre-installed - apps for general productivity, research and skill building. IPads return to a default imaging set of apps after return.
FVTC_iPad_Agreement_Policy _2012
Student Copy_Handout_FVTC_iPad_Guide_2012

A: Anyone can come into our library and use our computers because it is a public library.

A: Anyone can come into the library and print out a document. If you do not have money in a student account, you can have a library staff member use the Library ID, and you can pay cash at the front desk.
We do not have a color printer,  but students can use the color printed in student computer center upstairs in G203.


A: Wi-Fi is provided by FVTC on campus. Access as guest. If your computer does not auto-detect the wireless settings, set the wireless card "Infrastructure" or "Access Point" mode, and set the SSID to "guest" (no quotes).

A: You can use the Rico photocopier to scan to an email address. We also have two scanners that can be used in the library.

A: PRINTING and PHOTOCOPYING We have two printers for networked library computers. We use the PaperCut program to facilitate the process of charging for printing and photocopies.

A: Many of these items may be obtained from the circulation desk. Calculators and headphones are checked out with a picture ID.

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Contact Help

A: Use the Faculty and Staff Directory under [Quick Links] to find faculty information. You can also find email addresses by going to your FVTC Email, selecting "New E-mail", and clicking the [To] button to access the email address book.

A: Look at FVTC TESTING web pages for times and locations.

A: Go to your MyFVTC account to find your FVTC email address. It is usually your last name and the last 4 digits of your student ID#. You log into your FVTC email account with your student ID # not your email address.

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Library and Information Skills

A: The ACCUPLACER and ACT Information and the LearningExpress from are great resources.  You can also use GED books to brush up on the basics.

A: Yes! We have LIBRARY INSTRUCTION VIDEOS to help you!

A: Find out who is providing the content and why. Get information from different sources. Be skeptical.

A: When an article is sent out to other experts in the field for review and those experts agree that the article is worth publishing, then that is a peer-reviewed article. It is held to a higher standard and is more reliable than opinion or advice articles. It is not a guarantee of accuracy or lack of bias.

A: Narrow your topic down until you can define it in one sentence. Find a variety of sources. Choose the best sources for your project. Do not use quotes or paraphrases without proper citation of sources. Look at Ohio State University Libraries: net.TUTOR for further information.

A: Ask your teacher what style they prefer. Go to Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) for further information. Check your style with a style manual. Only use one edition and style in a project.

A: Fair Use: Refers to personal or educational use rather than financial gain. In general, Fair Use would probably include copying one chapter of a book or 1/10th of a book OR One article from an issue of a periodical (journal, magazine, newsletter, newspaper, etc.) OR One selection (essay, poem, chart, graph, diagram, cartoon, or picture, etc.) from one publication OR One compilation...for your own personal non-commercial use. This varies with content, format, and what is copied. To be on the safe side, when sharing articles, only share the citation, or permalink/permanent link provided by the publisher. A more detailed list of Q & A can be found in this handout: Copyright and Fair Use 2013. For more information see: 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use from

Copyright gives a content owner the right to have the opportunity to sell each copy.

Each person must make the choice of buying, reading, or copying a document. It is no longer permissible for a person to make multiple copies and distribute, unless they own the copyright on the content - or have paid for the copyright clearance - or have gotten written permission from the copyright holder.

Updates on the ongoing battle “related to the Georgia State copyright case (Cambridge University Press et al. v. Patton et al.). This lawsuit brought by several publishers against Georgia State University” can be found at EDUCAUSE: Georgia State Copyright Case.

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A: In most cases, you will need to purchase textbooks from the Appleton Book store, Hall 10. Call (920)735-4732 for availability, or see for more information. We rarely have textbooks for check-out, unless someone has donated an older copy, or a teacher has put one on reserve for in-library use only. You are welcome to use our catalog to see if we have a copy of the current or older text.  Use FVTC Catalog Advanced Search to look for your text title as a phrase.

A: We use a call number, like an address, to find where the book "lives". Our books, audiovisuals, and other items in the reference section and in the library stacks, are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification system.

A: Overdrive is a resource provided by the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium to their patrons. Check to see if the local public library you use has Overdrive. You can use to access your local public library online for free ebooks, audio books, music and more.
You must:
1) Get a valid library card and PIN number from your local public Library to set up an online account.
2) Get an Adobe account
3) Download an Adobe Digital Reader to your device.

A: Only for homework, and if no one else needs a computer for homework. Computers in the library are primarily for homework and job hunting. If all the computers are full, we will ask students playing games (or engaged in other activities not required for classroom or job searching) to move off computers to accommodate students with school and work needs.


A: Here are some LINKS TO FREE E-BOOKS


A: Our collection development is now primarily through Faculty Driven Acquisitions: We are only buying paper books requested by faculty - as resources for their classes. Suggestions may be submitted by faculty to (Please provide as much information as possible - Author, Title, Publisher, Edition, Date, ISBN, Format and Cost.) 

A: Library Services does encourage donations of useful materials, if they are new and relevant. Please contact the Library at 920-735-5653 to discuss the acceptability of the proposed donations before delivering them to the library.

A: You may make donations to the FVTC Library through the FVTC Foundation. The FVTC Foundation is a registered 501c3 and your donation is fully tax deductible.

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Borrowing Items

A: CIRCULATION  All library materials must be checked out at the circulation desk using a photo I.D. The borrower is responsible for the return and care of borrowed materials. Identification cards obtained through the student Activity Center may serve as library cards.

  • Checkout is limited to 15 items per user.
  • DVD checkout is limited to 3 items per user.
  • Reference resources do not circulate.
  • Books and books on audio CD are checked out for a three-week period.
  • DVD's, Magazines, and Newspapers have a one-week checkout period.

A: Yes. Use the FVTC Interlibrary Loan Request form to request items. Contact the nearest Outreach Site for pick up and return.

ILL is available only to current FVTC students, faculty, staff, and trustees in order to provide access to books and periodical articles that either the FVTC library does not own or that need to be picked up at Outreach Sites.

Use the FVTC Interlibrary Loan Request form to request items to be delivered to the FVTC Appleton Library or Outreach Sites for pick up and return.

Please include the following information:

For book:       List Author, Title, Publisher, Place, Edition, Year, ISBN

For Article:    List Serial Title, Volume, Issue, Date, Page, Article Author, Article Title

Most items are loaned at no charge to the requestor, but sometimes the lending library will need to assess a charge. If a charge will be made, Library Services will contact the requestor to verify if the request should go forward. Turn-around time varies, depending on the library which holds the item and the time of year. Most requests will be received within two weeks, but requests may take six weeks or longer. October-November and February-March are the busiest times during the academic year for Interlibrary loan activity. Researchers are encourage to plan ahead. Occasionally, there will be requests that FVTC Library Services is unable to fill.

A: RENEWALS Materials may be renewed unless another patron has requested the use of the item. You may renew over the phone if there is no fine.

They may be renewed three times unless another user has requested the item. Each renewal time period is the same length as the original checkout time period.

RECALLS All resource materials checked out may be recalled by the library manager. Recalled materials should be returned within 48 hours of notification.

A: OVERDUES AND CHARGES Overdue notices will be sent to patrons reminding them to return outstanding materials. Library users who have over due materials or owe the library money will not be able to borrow any more materials until their record is cleared.

After an item is three weeks overdue, borrowers will be billed with the replacement fee and a bar will be applied to their record, blocking students from registering for classes and obtaining transcripts, grades,  financial aid, etc.. When the replacement fee is paid,  or item is returned,  all charges and bars will be removed.

A: DAMAGED AND LOST MATERIALS Borrowers are responsible for the return and care of all materials checked out on their identification. Noticeable damage should be documented with library staff BEFORE checking out materials. Library materials which are returned damaged are subject to charges based on the cost of repairing the item or on the lost cost if beyond repair. Borrowers who report lost items will be charged a fee based on the replacement or paid cost of the lost item. Library Services will refund lost charges paid, if items are found and returned in good condition.

A: RETURNS Library materials may be placed in one of the return drop boxes at the FVTC Appleton Library.  Students are responsible for returning library materials to FVTC Appleton Library or Outreach Sites. Postal returns are sent to:
Fox Valley Technical College Library
1825 N. Bluemound Dr.
Appleton, WI 54914-2277
  • Q: How long can I check out an item?
A: Registered borrowers should bring their selected materials to the circulation desk for checkout. Proper photo identification needs to be presented to the library staff for item checkout. If you are not registered with Fox Valley Technical College, please inquire at the circulation desk for borrowing privileges.

Loan Periods:

Books in paper and audio books on CD:

Students, Alumni, Public Users 21 days
Faculty/Staff 126 days

Reserve Collection DVD Videos:

Students, Alumni, Public Users 7 days
Faculty/Staff 126 days

Student Government Association purchased (SGA Collection) Popular DVD Videos:

Students, Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Public Users 7 days

Magazines and Newspapers

Students, Alumni, Public Users 7 days
Faculty/Staff21 days

Reference and Reading Area Materials

Students, Alumni, Public Users No Checkout - Use In Library Only

Faculty/Staff No Checkout - Use In Library Only, with exception of class presentations which allows a checkout period of one class hour

Reserve Collection Materials

Students, Alumni, Public Users No Checkout - Use In Library Only for most reserve items, but some instructors permit checkout for varying time periods

Faculty/Staff No Checkout - Use In Library Only for most reserve items, unless given checkout permission by reserving instructor

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