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Associate Degree Information 

A Fire Protection Technician protects life and property through fire prevention efforts and, if necessary, by specific firefighting principles and techniques. Graduates are trained well in the progressive, proactive philosophy of the modern fire service which emphasizes fire prevention and public education, as well as the traditional firefighting, technical rescue, and emergency medical service components.

View the online catalog listing for the Fire Protection Technician program to learn more about the program, required courses and graduate employment facts.

High Demand Program Admissions Information

(formerly called "Ready Group")

  • Students may wait 1-2 semesters to start the core Fire Protection courses. Students begin by taking general studies courses while waiting.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Application for admission and $30.00 fee.
  • To apply for this program, click HERE.

Program Registration Information

  • Accuplacer Reading Score of 54 or completion of Program Prep Course.
  • Accuplacer Sentence Skills Score of 83, or completion of Program Prep Course.
  • Newly admitted program students are required to attend/complete a New Student Registration session (NSR) before registering for their first semester of courses. Students will receive a letter informing them of this requirement. 
  • Students begin with general studies, Program Prep (if applicable) and elective classes.
  • Entry to core classes is based on Enrollment appointment and acceptable Accuplacer scores or completion of required Program Prep courses.
  • Continuing student registration dates are based on accumulated credits. It is to your advantage to accumulate as many credits as possible to decrease your wait time to enter core classes.
  • Students must complete at least one FVTC course per academic year to remain active in a program.
  • Important information will be sent to your FVTC email address. Please check and clear your email box frequently. A full inbox will prevent receiving college communications, which may include dated information!

If you are starting the program in Summer/Fall 2013 or Spring 2014, click here to download your program plan.

Important information you need to know BEFORE beginning core Fire courses:

  • When registering for the 1st semester of core Fire Protection courses (Term 2 on the Program Plan) you must register for all 3 core (503) courses at the same time. This includes Hazardous Materials (10-503-152), Firefighting Principles (10-503-142), and Principles of Emergency Services (10-503-139). 
  • Students who have completed state certification for Firefighter 1 are eligible for advanced standing credit for the Firefighting Principles course. All paperwork and fees must be processed in order to be eligible to register for Hazardous Materials and Principles of Emergency Services.
  • Students will be required to attend a separate, mandatory, program specific, orientation once registered for first semester of core Fire courses. Students will receive a letter and an email regarding date, time, and location for this orientation.
  • Uniforms are required for core Fire courses - this information will be covered at the program specific orientation.
  • The required course work is rigorous physically and mentally.
  • For every credit (hour in class/week) students should plan to spend two hours outside of class time in independent study.
  • Class schedules vary each semester so plan to have a flexible employment schedule while enrolled in the program.
  • Individuals who have a criminal record are strongly encouraged to contact the program Department Chair to discuss how it will affect their ability to complete the program and how it could affect their career as a firefighter.
  • Before beginning the core (503) courses and within six months of beginning the Internship portion of the program, you must obtain a Caregiver Background Check from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. Complete background checks must be sent to the Fire Protection program Department Chair. Visit the following website to complete the background investigation and select “Caregiver”:
  • Students are required to complete an internship at a local fire department. The internship will consist of 24-hours shifts which rotate to coincide with the fire department’s shift schedule. Students must have a driving record that allows them to obtain a CDL learner's permit.
  • Students will be required to provide their own boots, hood, and gloves during Fire courses. Students may use vendors of their choice; however, the following links are a few vendors that have been used in the past. Payments and order procedures are outlined in the following forms:
    Oshkosh Fire & Police Equipment Price Quote
    Oshkosh Fire & Police Equipment ORDER FORM
    Paul Conway Shields Order Form
  • Students must also download and complete this Respiratory Questionnaire . Complete pages 1-3, and turn form into FVTC Health Services, Room A164.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination is strongly recommended.
  • Most fire departments require/prefer a Paramedic license as a minimum hiring requirement. Classes required for Paramedic can be used as elective credit for the Fire Protection program. To view course requirements for the Paramedic programs, click HERE
  • There is a 2 plus 2 agreement in place between UW-Oshkosh and Fox Valley Technical College, which will allow a student to get a Bachelor of Applied Studies degree in Fire and Emergency Response Management.

Contact Information

Department Chair
Jeremy Hansen M.S., NREMT-P
Email Jeremy

Counseling Services Contact
Connie Latimer
Email Connie

Enrollment Services
Admissions, Financial Aid, Transfer Credit and Registration
Appleton Campus, Room E111
(920) 735-5645


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