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Agronomy Contest 

Agronomy Contest State Agronomy Contest

The purpose of the clinic is to create interest and promote understanding through the demonstration of skills and proficiencies.

The objectives are:

  1. To demonstrate basic knowledge of agronomic principles and practices.
  2. To demonstrate your ability to identify agronomic
    1. Crop
    2. Weeds
    3. Seed
    4. Insects
    5. Diseases
    6. Plant nutrient deficiencies
    7. Grain grading
    8. Crop inputs and equipment

The agronomy contest is compatible with the state/national FFA Agronomy Career Event guidelines.

  1. Agronomic quiz and calculations which will test general knowledge.
  2. A practicum of plant and seed identification, soils, and grain grading, general fertility knowledge, insect identification, and seed analysis.

Approximately 10 minutes will be allowed per ring.

Event Rules

  • Team size can be four members, and all four members will be scored. But the total of the top three (3) team members will determine the winning team.
  • Students will be instructed on how to fill out their score cards, individual information sheets, and team information sheet. Students and/or teams not filling out information sheets correctly can be disqualified.
  • Each student shall provide his/her own pencil or pen.
  • Each individual must work independent of each other.
  • What changes to the procedures or rules deemed appropriate by the Consultant and/or Chairperson mentioned the day of the judging clinic and take precedent over any and all previous written or mentioned statements.
  • Each school may enter one team.
  • Please review the state FFA Career Development Events.
  • Limit 30 teams.

Agronomy contest will be held in the Agriculture Center.

FVTC Committee: Jason Fischer
(920) 735-4384

Joe Sinkula
(920) 2255-5912
High School Committee: Sheboygan Falls
New Holstein
De Pere

Consultant: Christopher Baxter
U.W. Platteville
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