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Forestry Contest 

State Forestry Contest

Contest Purposes:

  • To challenge individuals and teams to stimulate interest and promote competence in forestry skills.
  • To prepare individuals and teams to competitively participate in the National FFA Forestry Competition.

Description of the Contest:

  2. Contestants must come prepared to work in adverse weather conditions, since the contest will be conducted regardless of weather. Contestants are advised to bring jackets, rain gear and adequate footwear.
  3. A team will consist of three or four members. But the total of the top three (3) team members will determine the team score.
  4. Contestants must provide clipboards and #2 pencils (no pens). Calculators are required. Each four-person team is required to bring a Silva Ranger compass or one of comparable quality. All other tools and equipment will be provided.
  5. The contest will start at 9:00 a.m. and tardiness will likely cause late contestants to lose points.
  6. The contest will consist of the following phases:
    There are two indoor exams (150 points) and one outdoor field exam (50 points).
    1. General knowledge examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. A period of 50 minutes will be allowed for this phase. Each question is worth one point.
    2. Forester Business Management. This exam asks teams to complete typical forestry-related calculations. This exam will use timer harvesting, reforestation or other forestry example to calculate per-acre, per-total acre, and per-event values based on typical forestry measurements (e.g. total board feet, survivability, total cost per acre, etc). These calculations will be used to select and justify between different management alternatives. In completing this exam, short answers knowledge questions related to the specific forestry topic will be included.
    3. Field Exam
      One of three field exams will be selected (tree & shrub identification, timer cruising, compass course). Teams should come prepared in all three skills as they will only learn of the skill area to be tested on the day of the event.

Each school may enter only two teams per contest. Please review the state FFA Career Development Events. Meet in the Commons.

If there are any questions, please call:


Tony Deininger

      Committee:     Natural Resources Club
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