Wisconsin Resident ELL Admission Procedures 

New Students:
All new students are required to attend a New Student Orientation before beginning classes.  Orientations are made by appointment only.  During an orientation the student will work with an ELI adviser for 1 hour.

  • Fill out FVTC registration forms
  • Pay $10 registration fee and $4.00 material fees per class
  • English placement exam (TABE Clas-E and/or Michigan Test)
  • Course registration
  • Discuss class content, descriptions and options
  • Campus tour
Make your orientation appointment today, appointments take 1 hour for 1 person.  Contact us!

Returning Students:
Returning students may need to take an English placement exam if level is unknown or more than 1 year has passed since last exam.  Please contact your ELI adviser to make appointment for exam.  If no exam is needed stop by ELI office to register for classes.  Contact us!

*you must be a resident of Wisconsin to apply for the ABE ELL program.  If you are not a Wisconsin resident but would like to attend FVTC contact Rose Zoesch at zoesch@fvtc.edu *